Lightburn can't see my laser

Im brand new to all of this. I recently purchased a Universal Engraver 15000mw Blue CNC laser. I’ve heard everything I can find on it the software they send is not ver good and I don’t even know which files to download. So I downloaded lightburn, I have my laser all hooked up to power and it all seems to be working, but I have not been able to figure out how to get lightburn to see it. Ive tried the auto and manual device set up and I got nothing.

You need to know which COM port your laser is connected to.

Lightburn needs to know this… For me it is COM6 but it differs for other people.

You might need a driver for the PC to see it, and I don’t know what firmware that machine comes with, so you’d need to make sure it’s one we support, like GRBL. Have you installed the software it came with to verify that the machine works and talks to the computer?

If the computer can see it, and it’s LightBurn compatible, the rest should be just configuring from software.

So I was able to get the laser working and moving around after I downloaded Universal G Code Sender. It was able to see and control the machine then once I went back to Lightburn it was working.

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