LightBurn Christmas greeting

Here’s a little LightBurn Christmas greeting, and possibly some inspiration for “designing and constructing” in LightBurn instead of external programs.
It is roughly 10 steps from start to finish and reasonably quick and easy to perform.

My little file can again be used freely by anyone who wants to.

p.s. remember to adjust the layer settings to suit your machines
Julestjerner.lbrn2 (63.1 KB)


Well thanks for that B…Will have to give that a go…
A a Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine…


Thank you B! That is a nice gesture and a neat little project.


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:christmas_tree:Wonderful share Thank you friend and best wishes for the happiest of holidays!:christmas_tree:


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That’s a good design for inlay.
Merry Christmas.

I didn’t think about that at all! - that is a good idea. Thanks

Thanks again for the idea and here’s the result. It is not so easy to assign kerf only one side. I have the experience that the parts fit better together when “they are laved for each other” and the smallest asymmetry will give a not perfect fit.
I used MDF leftovers from other work, it actually looks nice. :+1:

That looks pretty good.
If I get the chance I might cut one out of some maple and walnut. We are flat out at the moment trying to finish up Christmas orders so I doubt it will be before new years.

Funny that.
I find using the kerf offset setting works great for both inside and outside offsets provided the focus is correct. I mirror my parts and cut them face down to take advantage of the tapered edge you get from the laser.
Something I have found that makes inlaying fragile parts so much easier is to cut out & fit all of the inner parts before you make the outer cuts. That’s how I did this and it worked really well. I did have one crack happen off the point of one of the stars but that was me getting in too big of a hurry.


I made 3 sets to take with me to NY. On one set, I marked it with my family member names using ISO font 2MM size. At the airport now, so sorry no pix.

I am happy to hear that. Happy and safe journey and Merry Christmas.

(If you can make a picture it will be nice)

Thanks! It will have to be after Christmas, I wrapped them as gifts.

Thank you for sharing!

Snowflakes with names added…

I suppose I could have made a second pass on the names to darken up a bit.

It’s great to see them made by others.

If I may make a suggestion, the fill layer can be advantageously made with a crosshatch - line spacing approx. 0.5-0.7 mm, 45 degrees and finally a round in line mode on the outer edges, it highlights the engraving better.
One more thing, because the star is so nicely symmetrical, you can just turn them over after you have cut the front side and put it back with the back side up and engrave only this side.

We can design a star for next year with better space for names. :+1:

Greetings and happy new year

Always! I was thinking along the same lines with a border to make them eye-catching.