Lightburn communicating with laser but not starting burn

I am a new user of LIghtburn. I am running it on a Mac connected to a Chinese blue/grey 50W machine with a Ruida 644XG controller (as found by Lightburn).

I have previously been able to burn some simple lines created in Lightburn in order to assess focal length. I now have created a typical test burn grid, 9 squares across, 7 rows, each row being a different layer with different speed. Each square in a row scales in power from 10% to 90%. The problem is that for some reason I cannot determine, my laser is refusing to initiate the job when instructed by Lightburn.

When I press the frame button in Lightburn, the laser responds and frames the area. However, when I press the start button, nothing happens. If I click the stop button in LB, the laser controller beeps twice.

I’ve tried downloading a sample power grid LB file from the web, and was able to get that to burn. However, if I changed the settings in that file from fill to line, it wouldn’t start burning, similar to the issues I’m experiencing with the grid I created.

What am I missing that is preventing the laser to initiate the burn?
Any and all help appreciated.

There’s a good chance you downloaded a bugged version - we had a communication issue that seemed to be much worse on Mac than other hardware, but that’s been fixed and re-posted yesterday.

You also have your Min Power set to zero, which will be a problem, but isn’t going to be the reason that the job won’t run - it would move the laser, but probably not fire because you have that set below the firing threshold of the laser.

I think I am having the same issue. I can send very small simple shapes and it works fine. Any detailed or large files will simply not initiate. It will frame appropriately, but not burn when I press start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 60W OMTech laser with Ruida 644XG controller.

Have you updated? We had about a 24 period after the 0.9.21 release with a communication bug on Ruida that seems to have affected different controllers in different ways, but was fixed. If you do a check for updates or just re-download and install the 0.9.21 version again, it should work.

Found my problem. I didn’t know there was a Lightburn version for Big Sur. Installed that and it works like a charm.

Thanks for the replies. I downgraded to 9.20 and it was working fine. I’ve redownloaded 9.21 and will install that and give it a try tomorrow.

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