Lightburn completely forgetting settings

Getting REALLY frustrated with this package lately. I go in to a cut/layer and create two sublayers, one to fill and one to do a line afterwards. I set the settings for the fill, then go to the second sublayer and set the settings for the line. Click OK. If I do not go back in to check, the burn will be off because the setting for the first layer reverted to whatever it had defaulted to before I set the damn thing. What the heck?

It’s a known bug, and has been addressed in the next bugfix version that will be released in the future.

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As far as I’m aware this only happens in the small entry box under the Cuts/Layers area in the main window. If you use the larger Cut Settings editor that pops up when double clicking a layer, that’s not affected.

In the main window, if you press the ‘Tab’ key after setting a numeric value (like speed, power, etc) before you click the tab bar to move to a different layer, the settings are recorded properly. As Steve says, this is all fixed for the next update, which we’re expecting to release fairly soon.

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