Lightburn completely reset itself

Have been using lightburn on my XTool D1Pro for a few weeks. Dialing it in, setting up to my machine, running tests, etc. Yesterday I was burning some material test grids. Shut down and turned off the laptop and went to bed. This morning I went to do some more test grids, and the software loaded up like I had just downloaded it. No laser link, info, material settings, etc. Took quite a while today to reset it up, at least on what I remember I had selected. It’s working now, but why did it do this? I’m not looking forward to having this happen once I build up a library of cut settings, artwork, etc.

Create a dummy laser profile manually, just enough to get past the “you have to do this” prompt.

Then go to File > Load Prefs Backup and choose the most recent backup that shows your device. If you load that, everything should come back.

Every once in a blue moon, something seems to lock the user preferences file, preventing LightBurn from opening it correctly. If this happens, when LightBurn quits it will save the blank prefs over the previous file, but it’s smart enough to keep backups.

We’ve never been able to get this to happen on a development machine, so it’s been next to impossible to figure out what’s causing it.

OK, thanks for the reply. Hopefully I will never need to do this. I have saved a copy of this post on my computer so I can look it up if I ever do need it.

You could do it now to get everything you had before back again, for certain, but if you don’t want to mess with it, I understand.

Will it be there after I spent the morning redoing it, followed by shutting down the laptop? Or has what I did today overwritten the backup?

It saves 50 backups, rolling over, so it probably would be, but it depends on how many changes you made today that triggered a save of your prefs.

Thanks! It was there, and loaded up just fine. Everything including the start checklist is as it was.

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