Lightburn connection jumping between Framing and Disconnected

I went from EZCad to Lightburn (which I’ve been using for a year with another laser and now have upgraded for Galvo use) ) with my JPT 50w today and when connecting it never goes to “Ready”. It says “Framing” and disconnects after a few seconds, and then back to framing in a never ending loop. Never goes to “Ready”.
Been trying 4 different USB cables, all which work in the same USB ports with EZCad.
IO ports in settings is all lit green.

The drivers for EZCad2 are different than Lightburn…

There are a couple videos out there about it… here is one…

Probably a good indication that it’s not connecting…

Mine are green also, unless I turn the machine off, then they turn black… That is how you tell where your foot switch is wired… press the pedal with device settings and it will turn green when pressed…

Good luck…


Choose “Laser Type= IPG_YLP” control board you have a “cyclone”, not original BJJZ

Thanks! I’ll check with the pedal to confirm.
I’ve watched that video. But I’ll watch it again :slight_smile: Thanks again

Aah, ok. Thanks! I’ll change and check. :love_you_gesture:

Many many thanks! :grin: I’m very happy. Everything works now! Fire away!


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Can I ask what at last was the fix