Lightburn connection

I have had the Cohesion Laserboard for a couple months and it was working great up until the last week where when engraving some glass champagne flutes the laser would lose communication mid engrave and then continue causing a misaligned engrave.

I thought there maybe an issue with the adapter connected to my mac for usb while using lightburn. So, I moved the entire setup to connect it directly to my pc with a direct USB connection.I would be able to make about 5 engraves successfully and then it would start the misalignment again.

I made maybe 15 cuts/engraves while adjusting my steps per mm for my rotary with no issue and then suddenly I started getting “waiting on connection” in lightburn and it now no longer connects at all. The LED lights indicate a crashed firmware so I formatted the SD card and loaded the stock firmware and setup files from your download and no change in the lights. Steady green on L1-L5 and Vmot is solid red. I am using a rotoboss rotary and your external microstepper driver along with your harness connected to the A axis.

I need this resolved asap, I was in the middle of finishing a 25 champagne flute engrave job that is due today. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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