Lightburn console language


i would like to ask whats the name of the language used on LB console and i would like to ask where i can find the resources to study it.

thanks in advance

What you see in Console will be whatever communication is made between LightBurn and your controller. Different controllers will have different firmware and thus will have variation in how to control them. This is why there are multiple device profile types in LightBurn that you can choose from. The commonality between all of these, at least currenty, is that they all work with a variation of g-code.

I’m going from your profile but looks like you’re using a GRBL based controller. This means that LightBurn will use a combination GRBL style g-code to communicate with it. In addition, GRBL itself supports custom commands for specific reasons.

You can start learning about these here.

GRBL command reference:
grbl/ at master · gnea/grbl · GitHub

G-code quick reference. Note that GRBL by in large uses LinuxCNC standards for its g-code:
LinuxCNC “G-Code” Quick Reference

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