Lightburn console only shows ��FHH�͌�:��JB��9̌�

I’ve been using lightburn for about 3 months now and its been great. Until this morning. When lightburn connects to my cnc the console just keeps repeating ��FHH�͌�:��JB��9̌�. The cnc works fine with easel and the candle software that came with the cnc. Does anyone know what this might mean?

Are you sure it’s connected to the CNC, and not another device? (check the COM port to make sure it’s the right one).

If the COM port is correct, check that the baud rate setting is right (in the device settings). Usually it’s 115,200, but it’s possible that something has changed it. Also make sure that your CNC software isn’t running, holding the port.

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Thanks Oz! I checked the com port settings and it was set to 9200. It’s working great now.

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