Lightburn controls are not responsive

I am trying to run a longer job on my Darkly Labs Emblaser 2. I tried to pause it and allow the head some time to cool, but the Pause is unresponsive. The laser continues to run the job several minutes and several shapes after I request a Pause, but it is somewhat responsive to a Stop. Of course the problem with Stop is I can’t begin in the middle of my job. The issue is happening whether the laser is engaged or not.

I made sure it’s the latest version of Lightburn. Hard connection with a cable. No power saving mode activated.

This is entirely Smoothieware, the firmware used by the Emblaser 2. It does not have a command to pause, so all we can do is stop sending data. It has an internal buffer that holds commands and won’t stop until that buffer is empty. If you’re engraving an image, the commands tend to be very short, so it doesn’t take long. If you’re cutting long straight lines, it can seem like forever.

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