Lightburn controls laser, but user origin, current position, and go to home do not work

Hello all,
First, let me apologize if this question has been addressed before. I quickly looked through the comments and did not see anything near my question. I recently purchased the Fox Alien LE 4040 with the 20w laser. My issue is when attempting to run the laser through Lightburn. I can move the laser and even complete a job using Lightburn. Still, I keep getting a message saying that Home is not activated in my GRBL settings when sending the laser home. The set user origin function and option of using “current position” for job origin do not work. When I run the “find my laser,” nothing comes up. But, when I go into the machine tab, it says the name of my laser with the cutting size. Still, honestly, I cannot remember if I manually input that information as I have had several issues with getting things up and running. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate the help. I like the feel and setup of Lightburn and would really like to use it moving forward. Thanks in advance, Andrew

I do not know that machine, having googled it, it didn’t look like it has homing switches. When you power it up, does it go to a certain corner? If not it doesn’t know where it is. I must have the ability to home.

Here’s link for you to look at from LightBurn.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. After looking into it, it does look like you are correct that this laser does not have a homing switch. When I power the machine up, the laser remains where it was when I stopped.

Did you find the setup procedures laid out by LightBurn on setting up your laser? There are many varying paths to installing a product like LightBurn. The lack of homing switches has its own set of issues.

If I had one I could better advise you. I did not do a lot of work with LightBurn on my solid state laser and it had homing switches.

I’ve done this with programs like Candle and UGS, but not with LightBurn. Hopefully one of the staff can help you get the coordinate system setup with the software.

You should go to the LightBurn documentation and read the setup for grbl controllers. Also the use of the coordinate system, also a LightBurn documentation and video.

In simple terms, you need to be able to tell it when absolute 0,0 is (home) That could be any of the four corners. If it’s the top left, then numbers increase to the right and down, generally. That’s the part you have to setup.

After it knows where home is, it should operate. You won’t be able to use the ‘home’ button. You can probably still drive it out of it’s operational engraving area and get similar errors.

Also look at the grbl settings. That may help you understand what’s happening under the hood…

If I was a little more awake maybe I could add some more. Hope this is coherent.

Good luck. take care :slight_smile:

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