Lightburn crash when saving to Art Library, now project is lost and didn't autosave

Hi, I went to save a project in my Art Library that I have worked on for an hour and it is now lost after Lightburn crashed. It did not autosave right either, the autosave file for today is empty. My project gone. Please help, Elize

My autosave is 2 mins. I have had the same problem unfortunately. But my crashes are due to a problem with file explorer.

I see that you’re on Windows 10. Which version of LightBurn are you using?

Some folks have experienced data loss when using removable, remote/shared, or cloud storage. Having OneDrive in the filepath of library and project files can contribute to these woes.

The autosave file is for a project. The autosave file becomes empty when the file is successfully saved but this isn’t the art library.

If the Art Library itself is blank, it should still have a filename and a location.

Using the name of the Art Library, perform a brute-force search of the C Drive in Windows and check to see if it can be found. If it can be found, Right Click the file and select Open File Location. With the file visible in its location, click the address bar near the top of that window. This should expose the whole File Path.

Select and copy that File path and paste it into a reply here.

I hope I can help.

Version 1.4.03. I never had any issues in the last two years of using Lightburn. Not sure why it would start now.

I would like to locate a specific crash which seems to have deleted all the work I did on Sunday.

The Art Library is there. It is just sometime when I go to save something or search for a file in the Art Library search, that the Crash message pops up and then I must close and restart LB again.

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