LightBurn Crash when setting tabs to Auto

Windows 10, LB V9.16

I have a project that has text and vector graphics, I want all parts to be tabbed so they stay in the sheet.

I double clicked the cut layer and turned on Automatic tabs, LightBurn got very busy and after about a minute of working it crashed and gave me the Stack Trace above.

I tried the same thing again and it worked fine.

Here is the Layer info, (Before I set Auto Tabs)

Any chance you can send me the project file from before it crashed?
Part of the problem may be that you have a large design (I’m guessing) and your have tab spacing set to 0.1mm so it got bogged down created an insane amount of tabs. Still something that needs to be fixed, obviously, but I still would like a little more info.
Do you have LightBurn setup to use Inches for distances and mm/s for speeds?
0.0039 inches would be very close to 0.1mm, the minimum tab size. But then that would mean that your tab spacing is 0.1 inches - a lot bigger than 0.1mm.
Could you please also goto Help > Generate Support Data and then copy the clipboard contents here? I’m 99% sure it’s something with your base config and that will give me all the info I need.

Thanks for your help, I thought this is going to generate a lot of tabs as I tuned on Auto Tabs. After I restated LightBurn I set it to have 4 tabs per shape. Maybe it needs to default to that.

Yes, I am setup to use inches and mm/sec for speed.

Here is the support data Support Data.txt (7.6 KB)

@Allen Thanks! That helped - and yes, you’ve still got some beta build values left in there which are mucking things up. However, I’m going to look and see if I can put in some further checks to prevent that crash.

Is there anyway to clean out the old beta values?

Just manually by opening prefs.ini and looking for tabSize and tabSpacing - you could literally just delete those lines. They will then revert to the default.

Thank you, I just removed those two lines.

Well, those lines exist for all 30 cut settings. So you’d need to remove them for any that exhibit that behavior.

I’m working on a general fix now.

@Allen - it would still be exceptionally helpful if you could send me the design file. Feel free to send it to support [at] lightburnsoftware [dot] com if you’d rather not post it here.

@Allen found the issue and fixed. Should be in the next release.

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Thanks for letting me know! I am looking forward to seeing what goodies will be in the next release.

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