Lightburn Crashes on System Resume

If I am working on a job, and connecting to my laser over network and my PC sleeps- when I resume the PC anything unsaved in lightburn is lost and the software closes/crashes without error and must be reopened. If it is saved, I have to open a backup file.

Is there a way to resolve this without stopping the machine from sleeping?

Which version and OS of LightBurn? (64 or 32 bit?) Do you have the camera enabled? Do you get a crash report at all?

Windows 10 64bit and LB 0.9.16. Running a Lenovo Yoga C930 w/ M.2 SSD, 16GB Ram and Core I7 so the system has plenty of horsepower.

No crash report- it actually is open for a few moments on system resume and then boom it’s closed. It’s 100% repeatable/predictable. It happens if the pc sleeps on it’s own, or if you close the lid and it sleeps.

Happy to help provide whatever logs/info etc. as well as try anything. Enabled debug logs.

And this one? If you have a debug log from a crash, post that here. I can have a look.

No camera (yet), not enabled. I will try to figure out how to grab a log and share it.

So here is the log, Nothing appears to be of use…

02:00:25.978 D: DoAutoSave: “C:/Users/rossm/LBExport_backup.lbrn”
02:02:25.993 D: DoAutoSave: “C:/Users/rossm/LBExport_backup.lbrn”
02:04:26.012 D: DoAutoSave: “C:/Users/rossm/LBExport_backup.lbrn”
02:06:26.010 D: DoAutoSave: “C:/Users/rossm/LBExport_backup.lbrn”
02:08:16.945 D: Clipboard data present:
02:08:16.945 D: ()
02:08:20.437 D: Clipboard data present:
02:08:20.437 D: ()
02:08:20.447 D: Align output unchecked
02:08:20.449 D: EV: 1018 took 37 uS
02:08:20.450 D: EV: 1013 took 391 uS
02:08:20.451 D: EV: 1018 took 40 uS
02:08:20.451 D: EV: 1009 took 1514 uS

I did some more testing and it seems to be repeatable only after bringing in a file, and sending the cut job. Then if the laptop sleeps during/after the job, then LB comes up fine initially then acts like you simply closed it. I opened a file and did NOT cut it, and it appears to open back up fine- so something is happening after the cut process that makes it close and I can’t pinpoint what. I can see if I can take a cell phone video of it if that is of any value when I cut this week.

That’s a start - it could be that the port gets closed by the system, but LightBurn itself is holding the port. I can try to reproduce this.