Lightburn Crashes When Framing Circle Through USB Cable

It just started tonight (or at least that is when I had to frame circles again). Lightburn is crashing every time I try and frame a circle through the USB cable before sending it to the machine for actual cutting/engraving. It will also just crash randomly if we have had it up for an hour or so while working on designs. Unsure what is going on. Haven’t updated to recent version since every time I do it kills the Lightburn camera in the viewing screen and it won’t show the laser head moving. Had to revert back to 1.0.06. Does anyone have any suggestions? On Windows 10 PC.

I’d like to try to replicate the problem on my windows 10 computer.

Are you willing to share your lbrn or lbrn2 file and show a screen-shot of the message you get when it crashes?

I actually don’t get an error message or anything like that in the UI. It just closes down abruptly. It happens with a lot of projects randomly and then every time i try to frame with the circle option.

Is it just LightBurn that closes down - or the whole computer?

Just lightburn

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