Lightburn crashes when tracing images

Light burn software crashes when tracing images. There is no log message from light burn that I can find. The file I am working on also has no backup I can find.
I am using Big Sur v-11.3.1, 2.9gHz quad core i7, 16gb 2133 MHz lpddr3, 1536 hd graphics.

The terminal report:

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Ronalds-MacBook-Pro:~ ronaldgarner$ /Applications/ ; exit;

2021-05-28 11:37:16.632 LightBurn[27687:778276] NSDocumentController Info.plist warning: The values of CFBundleTypeRole entries must be ‘Editor’, ‘Viewer’, ‘None’, or ‘Shell’.

QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_actionEdit_Text_closed(int)


“FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)” “0x1420000005ac8600”

Port: 1452 5216

Port: 1452 4111

Port: 1452 4110

Port: 1452 5216

Port: 1452 4111

Port: 1452 4110

Execution of PAC script at “http://wpad/wpad.dat” failed: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1003.)

CFU: downloaded 1177 of 1177

Your version is up to date. " (0.9.24)"

Does this happen with any image, or just certain images? Can you show me an example of what you’re trying to trace?

Yes all pictures.

I have a picture, but am not sure how to insert it in the thread…

I should add that I am drawing over the image, not using the image trace. Also, it is concerning that the auto save function is not working. It does not matter how long I work on the drawing, If I do not save it manually, there is no trace of the file once it crashes…

I am getting a backup file recorded in the same folder as the original. The backup file is named using the "old_file_name" with "_backup" appended to the end of the file name. Are you not finding the same?

What do you have set for the ‘Auto-save Interval’ in the ‘Settings’ window (click ‘Gears’ icon to expose, then click ‘File Settings’ icon on left-side of that window)?

Sorry, I’ve had to run an errand. I’ll check when I get back to the house in a few hours-

Backup is set to 1 minute. There is no “snoopy” with _backup. Here are pics:

I ran a search for _backup, and the latest drawing to be backed up was a year ago. So, it was working and something changed a year ago… The plot thickens