Lightburn crashes when trying to connect to camera for calibration

I have a MacBook Air, running macOS Ventura 13.01, and an OMTech Polar laser.
Lightburn does a great job connecting to my laser, and running jobs nicely.

The problem lies with the camera. I have the camera plugged directly into my PC. I can connect to the camera using “Window > Camera Control” and selecting the camera.

When I go into the “Laser Tools > Calibrate Camera Lens” window, I select my camera, and fisheye calibration - after that the “Next” button is entirely grayed out, and I cannot go further.
OR, when I go into “Laser Tools > Calibrate Camera Lens”, LightBurn crashes entirely.

Has anyone had success making this work?

There have been several reports of camera issues in Ventura lately.

Please check to make sure LightBurn is allowed to access your camera in your Mac’s Security & Privacy settings.

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera > make sure the box next to LightBurn is checked.

If that doesn’t work, check to see if your camera is working with another app, like Photobooth. Make sure you are directly connected from your camera to your Mac, without any USB hubs or extenders (if you need to use these, they must be externally powered).

This worked just fine. Now, I cannot get Lightburn to capture the image - no matter what I do, it errors out and tells me that there is too much noise.

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I had this too.

For the Lens calibration I held the target outside the laser in a shallow cardboard box to obscure the background (LightBurn let me know my shirt was also too noisy.) I moved the target to roughly the correct position in the field of vision and moved toward and away from the camera to get the size of the target correct.

It still took a dozen or so attempts moving slightly to get one adequate first score; don’t get discouraged. There were several times where I had felt that I hadn’t moved and the score was hugely different.

It may be Placebo effect but having lots of daylight (mid-day) seemed to help. I will continue with some further testing. I’m hoping to discover LED flicker or Florescent flicker are contributors to image noise.