Lightburn crashes when using the camera on Mac

I was watching some videos showing the camera usage in Lightburn and got pretty excited about the ability to align items on the bed using an actual image. However, I’ve been having an extremely difficult time getting through the camera fully working as Lightburn continues to crash without any warning.

I’ve attempted to use multiple cameras and have been able to recreate it consistently anytime a camera is access within Lightburn for a second time. For example, going into the camera configuration and selecting one so it shows the preview and then selecting another camera will crash. Another example, going into camera calibration, selecting a cam will show the preview fine. Advance through engraving the alignment image and then click next to where it should show the camera again, will crash. However, the first time the camera initializes after opening Lightburn it seems to work without any issues as long as it doesn’t need to change camera inputs or re-invoke the camera again.

I was able to get through the initial camera set up using the dot page, but I cannot get through the alignment to actually use the camera overlay. Any recommendations?

System: 2021 MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max 32GB Ram
OS: macOS Monterey 12.2.1
Lightburn Version: 1.0.06

This sounds strangely like another thread where this is happening.

In that other thread @Rick mentions that he is digging in. I think he’s also rockin’ an M1. I hope this is resolved soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, this does sound similar to the issue I was having, too. Oddly enough, I’m not having the issue on my iMac, just my MacBook. :woman_shrugging:t2:

So I think I found a work around. Call it desperation, but I went to the release archive and grabbed version 0.9.22 for Big Sur. I installed it alongside the current version and then after opening, I went right to the camera alignment. As soon as I picked the camera, I got the security pop up stating Lightburn wanted to access the camera. I accepted and then I was able to move through the screens without it crashing.

After that, I started at the most recent releases and worked backwards. 1.0.00 is the most recent version that doesn’t crash when I attempt to go through the camera alignment (or switch cameras, etc). 1.0.00 also prompted me to allow access to the camera where none of the higher versions did. So I’m currently running 1.0.00 side by side with 1.0.06. It’s too late tonight, but I’m going to check tomorrow to see if now that I have completed the camera alignment in 1.0.00, opening 1.0.06 will work correctly. It looks like both versions are sharing settings. I’ll post my findings tomorrow after I have more time to do further testing.


So after further testing, I can use the camera in the current version after having completed the calibration in 1.0.00. However, Lightburn still crashes if the camera is changed or is accessed a second time, like opening calibration or camera set up again. So for now, I’m keeping both versions installed together so I can re-calibrate in 1.0.00 if ever needed. Not the best solution but at least it’s functional.

Just posting this update in case anyone else runs across this topic in the future. I was working on some HomeKit automations on my Macbook, completely unrelated to LightBurn but when I went to open one of the apps I wanted to use, clicking on the button to allow access to HomeKit had no response. I assumed the app just was behaving strange, so I downloaded another app that I have used before on my iPhone. When I went to open it, I got a notification that it couldn’t run because the security settings were turned off and would need to be enabled.

So I rebooted into recovery mode and then opened the startup security utility and sure enough, I had turned off my security a while ago and forgot all about it. So I turned it back on to full security and rebooted. Now both HomeKit apps are working and prompted for access as expected.

That was somewhat similar to Lightburn not prompting for access to the camera in some versions, so I installed the latest version (1.1.02) and first thing, it prompted for camera access. I am now able to change the camera inputs multiple times, update overlays, calibrate camera, etc. without any crashes. Not sure if that’s related to the version update or the security settings but if anyone else is having issues, check your boot security as that may be part of the problem.

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