Lightburn crashes

Alright guys so it happened twice in a row after updating. i was using keyboard shortcuts to paste text from a webpage to my project and when ctrl+v was pressed we got a crash and told to post with a screen shot.

thanks for advice. i also am not getting a “preview” of my work.

I cropped this to make it easier to read.
lightburnerror crop
You don’t need to send the email.
I can link the dev team.

Edit: (First Questions) How much text?
Are there any special characters that might be tripping up the text tool?
Do they identify where there are trying to do the ctrl+v?
Is it in the workspace of the text edit box?

The Dev that picked this up would like you to replicate the error, and when it happens, open Notepad and give it a ctrl+v as well.

If the content is open and meets Terms Of Service for the Forum you are welcome to post it here with the same upload you used to send your screenshot.

If you need the information to be sent less publicly you can e-mail
and please include a link to this thread so the support staff can pass the file along.

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We have a fix for this - The culprit is almost certainly going to be that the text you’re pasting has tabs in it. Some code was added to the last release to filter those out when pasting text, but the code that places the cursor didn’t adjust for the change. This is fixed and will be in the next update.


Thank you both!

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Thank. Look forward to seeing it.

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