Lightburn crashing when I try to open my own file

I just created my first file from scratch in lightburn earlier today…when i go to open the file it gives me the below error and then crashes lightburn. Other files I’ve saved using svgs I’ve purchased still open just fine, but the one I created won’t open. I looked for this question in the forum and made sure that the “bypass system load/save dialogs” was already selected but it’s still doing it. How do i fix this? I need to e able to access the files I’ve created. Please help…

This issue was fixed with the 0.9.22 release we sent out today.

Can you give more detail about how you added the image in the file? I’d like to verify that the issue you’re having is indeed what was fixed. The crash will no longer happen, and you’ll be able to repair your file, but we want to be sure we’ve isolated all the possible root causes for it.

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