Lightburn crashing while sending PNG

As the title says. After sending photo/PNG it gets stuck at 40%. The PNG was created in Photoshop with another dithering script and the usual settings set. I have had no problems with Lightburn before. By accident the file was exported at 600dpi from Photoshop and was a large file to send . I have lowered this and its still crashing. Going to try another PNG. Windows 10 / Ruida RDC644XS controller…Thanks

Did you rotate the image in Photoshop before you imported it?

No Blake I rotated in Lightburn. I tried to import to Lightburn there now without dithering from Photoshop and there seems to be alot of detail in the drawing and even at 220dpi jarvis its taking a while to load. If that makes sense :). Thanks for replying

I doubt it’ll make a difference, but for sh*ts and giggles, don’t rotate it in Lightburn, and see if that helps.

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You mentioned “with another dithering script”, which presumably means one of “The Dude” scripts, which in turn means you likely have Pass-Through enabled on the settings.

Pass Through means “do not resample this”, but rotating in LightBurn requires resampling. The next release handles the special case of 90 degree rotations with pass-through mode enabled, so once 0.9.05 is out it’ll be safe to do this, but until then you’ll have to rotate in your imaging software if you want to use the pass-through option.

Ahhh understand Lightburn :slight_smile: . Just thought I would post to see if it highlighted a problem for you. Yes I did use the Dudes script :). I have sent to machine with Lightburns option and shes running away there. Cheers for getting back to me

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