Lightburn desconectado del laser indica "ready" (LightBurn disconnected from laser indicates "ready")

Sin haber conectado el laser, Lightburn indica “ready” por lo que no es posible grabar o cortar. Indica que el laser se encuentra ocupado. Desinstalé y volví a instalar Lightburn pero el problema prevalece.

Without having connected the laser, LightBurn indicates “ready” so it is not possible to engrave or cut. Indicates that the laser is busy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled LightBurn but the problem remains.

LightBurn is ready to connect to your Laser Engraver.

The Console window is where you will see the communication between the laser engraver and LightBurn.

The Bottom of the Laser window that you are not showing has selections for different communication ports, under the middle button in the Bottom row. With everything connected and the CH340 driver installed, watch the Console window for a connection message. If you do not see a connection message after 5 seconds, select a different COM port in the Laser window, wait 5 seconds and if you do not see the connection message and try the next option.

If you run out of options. look for other engraving software that may have connected to the USB port and Close them.

If you don’t get a connection at this point, it’s also possible that you need the CH340 driver. The Ch340 driver for Windows is here:

Please download, install and reattempt connection if you are not already successful.

Muchas gracias por la información. Efectivamente en la ventana laser en la parte inferior central con todo conectado, seleccioné otro puerto COM y la ventana consola mostró la conexión correcta. ¿Cuál será la razón por la cual es necesario cambiar ahora a otro puerto COM, cuando esto no se necesitaba anteriormente? ¿Es necesario instalar el controlador CH340 de todas maneras?

Thank you very much for the information. Sure enough in the bottom center laser window with everything connected, I selected another COM port and the console window showed the correct connection. What will be the reason why it is necessary to switch to another COM port now, when this was not needed before? Is it necessary to install the CH340 driver anyway?

This is one of the nuances of USB devices. The devices are assigned to COM (communication) ports dynamically and a device can have the same number for a long time, then change when something else is plugged in for a while.

I do not believe so. If the Driver was not present, it’s very likely that the communication would be distorted or missing. If the communication begins to show problems, using the most recent driver from the chipset manufacturer may be a good first step… next time. :slight_smile:

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