Lightburn design Suggestion

Sorry if this is the wrong place to make suggestions, but your website said “Contact & Suggestions” but brought me here.

I am a new user of lightburn but not a new user Of a laser. I have used RDWorks for the last 3.5 years.

Your software seems to work great so far but…

Could you please make is so “Rotate” would be in the top menu bar instead of as it is now where I have to go up in the menu.
Rotate is a command I use all the time.
If you think there is no room for it then you could take a couple of things liked “General Lightburn Settings and Device settings” away.
As I see it, that is things you maybe only use in the beginning and from there maybe never again.

Just my suggestions.


Which ‘Rotate’ function are you referring to?

We have the < and > keys (rotate 90 counter and clockwise) which are the shortcut keys for these:

… and the toolbar version that rotates by any angle:

If I’m allowed to barge in, personally speaking, I am terrible with shortcuts.
I am using so many software that i just can’t remember each combination not to mention that Lightburn shortcut for REDO being shift-ctrl-Z and such. I use Trace often - it’s nice to find it in right-click menu. i wish more functions would be added to right-click menu and the list of functions should include what is possible and mostly used functions.

Sorry for barging in.

Yes I was referring to the Rotate Clockwise and Counter clockwise. Can’t you just put the in the menubar so you can rotate with a ONE mouse clock instead having to got to the menu you are showing?

But I can see now from your feedback that there are actually working shortcut for that but you can’t see that in the dropdown menu?
So just leave as it is, thanks for you answer.

Here is a list of the current HotKeys for LightBurn.

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