Lightburn Designs into Epilog Dashboard

I am pretty good with Lightburn on my Ortur diode, but a noob to epilog. I am trying to get Lightburn designs into epilogs dashboard. Lightburn is a great design tools so I want to avoid subscription only software pirates.

Do you tips for pushing designs from Lightburn into the epilog dashboard? I know I am just trying to export designs made in Lightburn, and that Lightburn will never control the epilog itself. I set up a large bed laser in light burn to mimic the epilog bed size for this purpose. It is hit or miss if the print with color option works or not. When I hit print in lightburn and send it to epilog it usually just opens the dashboard the first time. If hit print again some times the art will come through alright. It wants to push directly but it is so erratic.

I can reliably print the art to pdf, then open the pdf and print. That will definitely kick it into the epilog dashboard, but the paper size seems to be 8.5x 11" no matter what I do. The result is the art isn’t in reliable scale on the epilog side. I cannot find a paper size for PDF export setting anywhere.

I think the issue you’re having is that there is no way to set a couple of features in LightBurn that are required. In CorelDraw, you can tell the print driver that the “Printer” can match page size and orientation, which is the main key to getting your print jobs from CorelDraw to show up correctly on the page in the Epilog dashboard. I’m running a Fusion Pro 48 here, and have run into many of the same issues you have back when LightBurn first released print functions. I still do some of my design work in LightBurn, but export to an SVG file that I import to CorelDraw for printing to the laser. You can still purchase a One time price version of CorelDraw, so you don’t need to get a yearly subscription, which is what I’ve done.

Thank you. I now see Lightburn alone is dead end for Epilog.

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