LightBurn Device Discovery Wizard not finding xTool D1 Pro via USB

Just purchased my first laser printer (xTool D1 Pro, 10W), LightBurn software and also new to this forum. I have the D1 Pro machine connected via USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM3) from my CLX i9 desktop PC running Windows 10. Problem is, the LightBurn V1.2.01 Device Discovery Wizard is not finding the D1 Pro device, so unable to proceed in connecting and completing the LightBurn software install. Please note: I have successfully installed the current CH340 driver, rebooted and then successfully printed via xTool Creative Space software. However, still unsuccessful in getting LightBurn to find this machine. Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you in advance. Gregg

Gregg – it looks like you have missed a step in getting Lightburn to recognize your D1 Pro. The topic is covered in detail on website at –

Basically, there is a Lightburn Configuration file that you will need to download to your PC. You will then need to go through the “manual” process of importing this file into Lightburn. Once you have done that, then Lightburn will be able to find the D1 Pro.

Good luck on this. I have a regular D1 10W and have been using it for about 5 weeks and it has been great fun and very rewarding.