Lightburn didnt load my Files

I can’t view my files in lightburn, Once I open the file… there’s no data open in lightburn workspace

Try zooming out they may be there just not in the work space.

With LightBurn open and the Workspace active type the following
Ctrl A
Ctrl Shift A

This should select everything in your workspace and then Zoom to it.
There’s a good chance it’s misplaced but still present.

Some users report data loss with cloud storage, external drives, or USB Storage.

If you are having trouble with a specific file, I’ll take a look to see if it’s damaged.

I myself have had that happen a lot !! I just open the file, I see nothing and I start hitting the little shrink button up top and my file starts showing up, somethimes I hit shrink so much that my grid pattern is only about an 1/2" square. Then you start manipulating the object around to fit. I also noticed that most of time L.B. say, no go cutting out of bounds. so I trash everything but what I’m cutting/burning. When completed, trash that item, hit back button and pick another object to work. Took me awhile to figure what was going on. No problem now !!
Randy C.