Lightburn difficulty finding LaserStack S10 on Mac Monterey

On startup Lightburn shows ‘Connected’ from my previous session. Port shows as ‘cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port’
After connecting laser to USB on my Mac, then turning on the laser, selecting ‘cu.USB-Port’ on I select my laser to I get the Console message:
Waiting for connection…
Port failed to open - already in use?
Waiting for connection…

My MacBook has 2 USB sockets. Changing them makes no difference, although occasionally the Laser details will change to ‘Connected’ but it is not. As soon as I press ‘Home’ it changes back to ‘Disconnected’
Next step is through ‘Find Laser’ and the scan repeatedly finds nothing.
However after repeating this process exactly about 20 times it suddenly will connect.

The LightBurn software in the main is amazing. But getting connected in the first instance is taking up to 20 mins each day.Other posts suggest to check the ‘Baud rate’ is 115,200 and that is my setting.
Manual Creation does not help. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

The other problem I have is with the ‘Print and Cut’ wizard. On a small job where I can see both reference points on the screen it works fine. However on a bigger job where I need to drag the design to get to the second reference point the ‘Print & Cut’ wizard freezes.

It’s possible that another application is occupying the serial port. Are there any other applications running or in the background that could be holding the port?

Does this crash LightBurn overall or are you able to get out of the wizard? If you are able to get out, try completing the target identification and align output steps manually from that point.

No Lightburn does not crash. But The wizard can only be reset. After that the individual menu options are no longer highlighted / available. Only the wizard can be reused.
Other than that I must close the wizard, zoom out further so both Reg points are available and then run the wizard again. When that has been completed the individual options are highlighted / available again.

Is “Reset print and cut” available? If so, can you try that? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered the specific condition you’re describing although I have seen some odd behaviors with the wizard.

Can you list a some steps that will recreate the issue every time? I’ll try to recreate it.

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