Lightburn Disconnected from Laser

I was in between running two jobs and the laser disconnected from lightburn. No new software added, no device changes. First job ran fine. Went to start second job and the Laser tab showed “Disconnected”.

Attempted so far without success:

  • Reboot Laser
  • Reboot Lightburn
  • Reboot PC
  • Shift + Click “Devices” Button
  • Right Click “Devices” Button
  • Manually Select COM3 or COM1 - it snaps back to Auto after a few seconds
  • Unplugged USB cable on both ends (it’s a new, high-end cable)

What other steps can I try to get the communication re-established?

Power cycle both laser and pc would be my next move…

Yeah - I’ve already done that (rebooted/power cycled laser, lightburn, and PC). Thanks

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