Lightburn disconnects

I have a omtech 60 watt laser; lightburn will disconnect from it. I was able to get it back after unistalling the laser. But it disconnected again. I’m using a usb cable to connect.

When you say it ‘disconnects’ is there an error you are getting?
It’s likely that your computer is powering off the USB port due to inactivity and therefore Lightburn sees a disconnect. Try this (assuming you are on a PC):

Go to the Device Manager, (1)
Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers, (2)
On any device labeled, “Hub” right click and go to Properties, (3)
(Yours might look different from mine)
Then select the Power Management Tab, (4)
Uncheck, “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” (5)

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Thanks Jim, hopefully that works

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Come back here and let us know, please.


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