Lightburn Docking Tabs Display size issue

Having an issue with screen size and docking panels. I am on a Win8 laptop with max screen resolution of 1366x768. ( I tried setting this size up in config file also for continuity and to see if that would work with no luck)
My main docking panels on the right sometimes work but mostly get cut off on the bottom. Sometimes its the upper right hand panel cutoff by the lower panel encroaching upwards making the cut/move and console tabs hidden behind the panel and inaccessible, but mostly the lower one extends down past the bottom of the screen and I cant access the laser or library tabs. I can reset the window and what happens is the library tab takes over the entire space with no access to any other stations. If I hit the reset again, it goes back to normal but with one of the 2 conditions above being present. Also, the divider to resize the docking stations is not working either. IT acts like it wants to resize but functionally, does not.
Lastly, If I try to move library and laser to upper station, I am left with just the single dock and that also extends past the bottom of the screen making the tabs inaccessible.
see images below for clarity. Hope that all makes sense.

Also, this is the only computer I could actually get the cohesionboard (smoothie drivers) to be recognized on and function correctly. All my “automation” pc systems did not like the smoothie drivers so this laptop is my only light burn option at the moment and the missing tabs in a bit of a pain.

I find that the Library window is taller than others and won’t fit in the top or bottom half of the right hand side of LightBurn on my laptop.

I have also accidentally rolled the bottom edge of LightBurn off the bottom of my laptop monitor. When this happens I can’t see the layer (palette codes) on the bottom left side of my screen.

Grab and post a screen cap of the whole screen. I might be able to see what’s happening.

When the LightBurn windows dock they are pretty steady and they change status (to that colored header bar) to let you know they’re locked in. I haven’t had them accidentally or unintentionally undock.

Hey John,
Appreciate the response. The bottom goes missing whether the palette is there or not. Attached is a screen showing the upper tabs buried by the bottom dock with the bottom tabs visible. Using the dock divider allows me to resize the dock but moves the lower one down off the screen.

I’m seeing the same problem on my notebook, Windows 10 1366x768. Works fine on my other notebook, 1920x1080.

Interesting, I think the issue all comes down to screen resolution size. If that is the case, the only way to fix it would be on the software side.

Here is another screen of more strange behavior. The lower dock is confused as to whether go above or behind the upper dock and the container for the lower dock tabs is on top of the button group.

So, any input from the developer? This does not seem to be something that can be fixed on the user side but seems more that the software does not like the constrains of the laptop display size.

Unfortunately, the laptop is my only option. My laser is next to my cnc which runs Mach 3 off an old Win XP system that doesnt run anything else.(needs parallel port) Next closest PC is 20’ away and doesnt like the smoothie drivers for my cohesion board.

Another note, as it stands, I cannot change the layout at all and am left with only using the default layout because any change breaks the docks or loses the lower preset bar. I literally need to reset to the default window numerous times in the process to get back missing tabs leaving me going in circles :neutral_face:

I am hoping there is some way to workaround or fix this without me needing to buy another system. I actually like the laptop for this as it takes way less room than a reg. PC.

768 horizontal resolution is insufficient to support the 2 vertically docked panes. Collapse the 2 panes to a single pane. That’s the usual “fix” for this situation.

Thanks Berain,
I had tried that that yesterday and it was still not working with a single dock and was still extending below the bottom edge of the screen. However, I just went back and messed with it again and it seems to be working correctly. Still prefer 2 docks, but at least it is all on screen now and I can change up the layout a bit to better suit my preferences.

Appreciate the input!


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