Lightburn does not cut small closed polygons

Hello, I am trying to make a cut (Cut, not mark). The problem appears when I have to cut a small closed area. The laser stops before exceeding a certain point, so the area is not completely cut. it does not occur in circles. I have used the overcut option, but I have not achieved anything.
This problem seems specific to Lightburn, in RDWOKS it cuts perfectly and all the cut pieces come off perfectly.

My hardware is RUIDA 644XS, 50 W chinese CO2 Cutter, 300 mmx500x. Lightburn 0.9.21

What power settings are you using in each software? (both Min and Max power)

About 98% of the time that someone says, “it works perfectly in RDWorks” it turns out they didn’t touch the min power setting in LightBurn.

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