Lightburn does not recognize images for engraving

I import the image to engrave it on the fiber laser and it does not record or appears in the visualization as if the program was unable to convert or process the image to engrave it.

Your line interval is set at 0.0025mm, which is very small - did you mean to set it at 0.025mm?

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If you can see the image in Lightburn it is because you imported successfully, meaning the file type is recognized and you can work with it.
What I think is happening is that the image settings are not supported.
As @NicholasL mentioned, the distance between lines is exaggerated. If you don’t notice the DPI field, it usually works between 150 and perhaps 600 dpi. In the image the DPI settings are 10160. This is 10160 dots per inch or every 25.4cms

As you can see in the preview of the image, it does not appear, as if the program was unable to render the image to be engraved

Made in different dpi

yes, dont see this

I believe I found the problem, I installed it on another PC and the timing settings were different, I copied the information and it’s working satisfactorily, unfortunately support didn’t help me, I had to resolve it myself, but it’s resolved.

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what you mean with “timing settings”? Like date? day, hours and minutes?

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