Lightburn does not remember my device and I have to set it up every time

My Lightburn does not remember my computer. I just bought a new computer and set it up as usual and used it every time I close the program and reopen, I have to set it up again. I followed instructions and imported set info as instructed but it doesn’t keep the set up. My older computer had no problems. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and still does the same thing. I don’t know what to do at this point. My laser is an xtool D1 pro 10W and my computer is an HP Pavilion laptop with an Intel 7.1 processor using Windows 11 home Any help would be greatly appreciated

Are you saying that when you restart that you’re greeted with the New Device dialogue? If so, what happens if you cancel that process? Does it close LightBurn?

Do you still have access to your old computer?

Yes it just shuts down like I was using it for the very first time but I import the xtool info and it works for that session only and I do still have my old computer

Try this:

  1. On old computer open LightBurn
  2. File->Export Prefs, save to a location that you can reference
  3. Locate saved file and copy to USB drive, network drive, or any other means to transfer to new computer
  4. On new computer open LightBurn
  5. File->Import Prefs, locate the file copied from the old computer.
  6. Close LightBurn
  7. Reopen LightBurn

Do you still get the New Device dialog or is the problem resolved?

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You are a genius! That worked perfectly! Thank you! :blush: