Lightburn does not see my Cloudray 60W JPT Laser

I’ve tried several times to get Lightburn to connect to my Fiber Laser but no luck at all. The laser shows up as a JCBZ and is in the device list. When I select it shows “waiting fgor connection” but it never helps. My laser is a Cloudray 60W JPT Fiber laser…AN Y HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

We provide documentation to help with troubleshooting. In particular, this section, Index - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help…Lightburn sees my laser now and will frame the project but when I hit start it doesn’t fire the laser. I’ve tried changing the JPT to a IPG_YLP and to IPG_YLPM and that didn’t work either. Can you help me out in what I am doing wrong?

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