Lightburn doing a 2nd Pass

Hi All, I am using the Neje 20W diode laser on Windows 10. I started a burn this morning on Slate, and the laser went left to right etching the slate. What is strange is that now that the slate is etched fully the laser started running top to bottom burning the text a 2nd time. I did not knowingly ask it to do the 2nd pass…so I am not sure what it would do it…I will attach the file here in case there is something I added without realizing that is causing this 2nd pass …
John Guinn plaque first attempt.lbrn2 (1.7 MB)
The laser is tracking perfectly but it will double the time of the etching for me …so I would like to understand what I may have done to cause that to happen - so I do not do it again!

You have ‘cross hatch’ on in the cut settings, I assume you didn’t want this

Thank You! I was reading some sites last week and they mentioned cross hatch (now that you write that) and I bet I enabled it… I will let it go this time and ensure that I do not set that going forward as it doubles the time for the job. Much Appreciated!

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