Lightburn engraves way outside my template

Hi everyone, I’m lost! Story is: I made a template, Cut out desired shapes in template for maker coins,Turned template into tool so it doesnt burn. Placed my images inside of template areas and have not moved a thing. When I press start laser starts burning way outside the image area on template and does not line anything up properly. I’m in user origin, but tried them all and they do same thing except absolute coords which is way out. Any help please. Hours battling this today and I give in. Thanks for any suggestions and hope I am understandable. Thanks

I think your machine is not configured properly. You should be able to use absolute coordinates on your machine with no issues…

Generally speaking if you use absolute coordinates the ‘part’ will be exactly where you have it on your workspace in Lightburn. If ‘user origin’ is selected make sure you set the ‘user origin’. Grbl can be set from the software, dsp controllers require you to set it on the machines console.

I use a template a lot on all of my machines but I generally use ‘user origin’ which I set to some know value.

Either ‘user origin’ or ‘absolute coordinates’ should work… I think you’re not understanding exactly how it’s working with the coordinate system, so hang in there…

Try this…

If you set your tool layer to ‘output’, does the preview line up properly?

Where do you have for ‘job origin’ on the laser window?

How far ‘off’ is the results?


Thanks for responding. So i have done multiple things already with no issue, ive attached photos. If i run the frame of tool it follows perfectly and also the cutouts. I think my issue is that my images have an enormous outline compared to actual size of image. Hopefully you can tell from my photos. Also the one with tge arrow is where burn actuality starts from and way off skew from work pieces. Thanks again



Well, after straining my brain and eyes, I realized the green position box was wayyyyy off the mark. Re loaded image after resizing in ImagR, and Voila! she’s engraving properly… so far lol. Thanks for the input though. It is very appreciated!!

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