LightBurn error:9 Ortur LMS Pro

Hello everyone, I am new to this, it is the first time I work with a laser machine (Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2) and for the first time the first steps were not so complicated (engraving a frame, cutting a circle, engraving a photo) However, I cut a design (that I created in Illustrator) and it was cut without problems but after finishing that job the machine has not moved again.

It gives me the following information in the console when I try to move the laser (move it from LightBurn)

I checked all the cables, disconnected them and reconnected them and the machine still does nothing.
Could someone help me since I saw some videos on the internet but none of them could give me a solution.
Excuse my English, I am from Chile and I speak Spanish so I use Google Translate

If your machine went to the Home position when it finished, it is possible it is sitting on a limit switch? Try pushing it away from the rails a little bit to see if that helps.

You might first try to Home the machine again.

Your Google English is just fine!

Thank you very much for your response, the machine is not pressing the switches, nor does it make any movement when I turn it on.
It does not make any type of movement.
However, today I updated LightBurn and the machine started working without problems.
Thanks for your time.