Lightburn executable does not terminate after closing Lightburn

This is sporadic and I can’t reproduce it at will. Frequently Lightburn stays running in the background after I close the application. I can tell because the fan on my laptop runs excessively when that happens. I have to open the Task Manager and terminate the process.

Windows 10 on an HP laptop

When you do this, which process are you terminating? What is it called? Below are tow posts that you could be seeing. :slight_smile:

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I do not have Lightburn running. Go to background processes, and 2 instances of LB are running, along with 2 COM Surrogates

I terminate the file named LightBurn.exe. I did not look for a “COM Surrogate” or “LBFileDialog” so I’m not sure if they were listed or not. BTW, I’m using LightBurn 1.0.04