Lightburn expired but I upgraded

My license expired and I didn’t realize it. I got an upgrade notice so I downloaded and installed the update but since my license is expired I can’t use it. So now it just quits. I updated my license but that takes a bit to process so I’m stuck waiting. Maybe LB should check to make sure that the license is valid with the new version before it lets the user install the new version.

There is a notice to downgrade but I don’t know where the link is to find the older version that I had.

Thank you for the feedback on your experience. We are constently on the lookout for feedback and ways to improve the workflow of new releases for our users.

As for getting you up and running, you can always find our releases using the search:

Here is the link contained within:

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LightBurn itself does check, if you go to Help > Check for Updates - It will tell you “there’s an update available, but it’s newer than your license allows” or similar. I don’t have an easy way of making the installer check the license.

great to know about the older versions. I didn’t realize that was an option!

So I opened LB and it automatically said there is a new version. If it checks for compatibility for a manual update check then perhaps it should do that same behavior for an auto update check? I have mine set to check for updates on startup. Or maybe once your license expires that option to check automatically goes away. Just some thoughts. I’m not upset or anything. As a business I like to hear feedback for things I didn’t predict or when customers do things I wouldn’t think possible. :smiley:

The auto-update check simply won’t tell you if there’s an update that you’re ineligible for. If there’s an update and your license is current, it lets you know. I didn’t want to make the auto-check tell you every time there was a new one, because that could be seen as pestering. :slight_smile:

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