Lightburn fails to turn on TTS-20 Pro laser?

First off I am a newbie so bear with me. I own a CNC machine shop so not unfamiliar with CNC. Lightburn did not find my Two Trees laser so I had to set it up manually. I selected GRBL as the control. I am able to send it home. I can use the Move tab to move it around. I was able to draw a simple square and run the frame around it. Then I try the cut tab and I can see the blue dot on the wood but no matter what I change I can not get it to leave a burn or cut. My device S setting is 1000 to match the $30 setting. Is there anything that stands out that I should be looking at? Attempting to use this laser for a Senior Dog rescue and could really use some help.

Can you post your cut/layer window for this cut?

Would this be what your referring too?

We are hoping to use this laser to make a plaque or keychain with the the dog they adopt or donate for care too. So scanning in a picture will be the next hurdle once we can engrave something.

Assuming a 10w output laser? What is material and thickness. That feed and speed should leave a mark, but it won’t cut at that speed.
Also, can you go to console window and type $$ then enter and paste results?

It is a 20w laser. The wood is 1/8"

Have you tried this with lasergrbl?
Apparently you have to load a dev. file.
TwoTrees Download (

I tried to saved the gcode and put it on my desktop then down loaded GRBL and tried to run the same square and it did exactly the same thing. I could see the little blue dot but it did not leave a mark on the wood. My Malwarebyte protection would not let me go the two trees any more. Says a trojan is there hitting me. Its got to be a good site maybe I just need to disable my protection. Would that file be my issue?

I guess you have auto focus you also need to set up. Which may be your problem.

No I just have that 3 step block to manually set the height. And could not find any instruction on which step for what level of cutting or engraving. So tried them all.

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