Lightburn filling the wrong part of my design

Im making a clear acrylic cake topper for my wedding and having a few problems with lines and fills.
im using the fill tool but its filling the wrong parts for rastoring as i want the text to be rastor only and at the same time in duel mode i want it to cut the heart outline and lettering but not accross the boundary line where both join.
Im a new to lightburn so i could do with help please thanks Steve.

Mr & Mrs 2.lbrn2 (106.7 KB)

I’m having a difficult time following your description but based on the design I think I understand that you want the text to bleed into the border so that the text is suspended when both the text and border are cut out. Correct me if this is not right.

You can accomplish this by using the Boolean Operations under the Tools menu. However two conditions need to be met for this to work:

  1. You must have two and only two objects selected. Each object can be made up of a group of individual shapes but must be grouped to appear as a single object.
  2. Each of the two objects must be a closed shape. Meaning no breaks.

Looking at your design I can see that the inner line of the border has breaks. I also see that the text has some breaks. Fix the breaks and make sure you have two objects. Select them both then use Tools->Boolean Union to merge the portions of the design.

hi thanks for your reply
the centre text i want to engrave to give it more definition
then i would like to cut around the text and the external heart shape by leaving both attached together does this make more sense?

In this case everything I said before still applies. But to add the additional text engraving I suggest you duplicate the text and assign it to a separate fill layer before unioning the other copy to the border.

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