LightBurn for BossLaser

I am assuming there are specific functions in the version you have made for BossLaser? I have only had my laser for about a month and bought your software right after that and have been using it.

I guess the question is will I be missing out on anything with the standard version I have now and would I be better off to see if you could switch my keys to that version or is it all the same?

Thanks for the help.

the versions are all the same, plus or minus a few options based on the profile you pick for your laser. the only difference is between the gcode version and the DSP version which is needed for ruida controllers.

Looks like LightBurn is well on its way to completely replacing RDWorks. If the major laser companies are offering a choice of LightBurn or RDWorks, who would choose RDWorks?

I didn’t mean between the two different controllers. LightBurn partnered with boss laser with their software for the boss LS machines instead of the RD works Boss was coming with.

If there are no functional differences or special hot keys specific to the boss then I don’t really need their logo, lol. Thanks for the reply.

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For new users with “normal” requirements, LightBurn is great. For power users with more industrial uses, Ruida’s software allows the control they need, like feeder tables, RDVision control, dual head cutting, flying focus, and a few other bits and bobs. We’ll get there. Slow, methodical world domination is key. :slight_smile:


I remember when I first asked you why you did not try to partner with laser companies like Boss you said that was not your market :slight_smile:

At the time it wasn’t, but as the product matures my market will grow.

It is great that you recognize the market and can adapt as the product grows. When will you offer a way for others to invest in LightBurn?

I’m not sure - It’s something I’ve considered, but I like the rate of growth I have going. Investment money makes me beholden to the investors, at least in some way. It’s not off the table, I just don’t want to grow so fast it isn’t managed well. A common mistake of small companies is to want to get big quickly, and they realize when they get there they have no idea how to be a big company or run like one. I’m not in a rush.


Keep doing what your doing, it is obviously working. But if you ever decide that taking on additional investors is in your best interest let me know.

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A Boss HP-3655 is in my plan for 2020. I have had a chinese laser I bought over 12 years ago and has paid me back in spades. I did upgrade the controller to a LO-x7 for minimal cost. I found out about the lightburn software thru the boss website and found out it works for my “old” laser. It has honestly turned this into a whole new machine compared to raycam software that came with it. I want the boss for the co2 metal cutting capabilities and I figure once I learn the software it will be a easy transition to the boss. Thanks Lightburn


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