Lightburn for CNC?

Can Lightburn be used with a Shapeoko CNC?

The main requirement is that the device have a controller that talks the same language…

If it speaks grbl, used by most freeware type programs, you should be able to control it, at least the basics.

Lightburn isn’t a 3d software package (although I hear they are working on one) it’s really 2.5d, so if it needs Z axes controls it might be more limited there.

Good luck


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I am hoping for some good news from the Lightburn Convention, If it was my product that is where I would be launching it.


I can’t say for sure…
but I can say that sounds like a great idea. :slight_smile:

It also sounds somehow familiar… Like I may have heard it before somewhere.


When is the convention?! That’ll be amazing if they do!


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