Lightburn for controlling CNC router

So, I feel like lightburn is such an amazing software. I was wondering if possibly the developers would consider making it possible to run CNC routers and V bits and such. I currently pay inventables $150 a year to use their program called easel, it is no where near as good as lightburn. So what I am saying is take my monies and let me run everything with one program.

In the meantime if anyone else is running routers what program are you using?

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If they don’t end up supporting CNC Milling, may I suggest buying VCarve or VCarve Pro? I use VCarve Pro for my 4x8 Unique CNC router. You won’t be paying annually anymore and it’s a great app for CNC routers.

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“LightBurn for CNC” is something that is in our long term vision, but won’t be for a while. LightBurn is a very small team and we have to be laser focused on doing one thing well (ha ha) - which right now is laser cutting. Plans range from supporting more DSP controllers (imminent), to supporting more unique proprietary laser machines (mid-term), to other industries (long term). For an example of complexity, plasma cutting is 2D and just needs a few unique commands, vinyl cutting is about the same, while CNC routing needs a whole new understanding of tool diameters and operations like pockets. It’ll be a bit. May be worth looking at Fusion 360 CAM, bCNC, CNCJS, and Vectric products for your immediate needs.


Awesome to hear that, no rush I know that if you guys eventually get there it will knock out a lot of the competition!

You can always use lightburn for CAD and something else for CAM. I have a 4x8 AXYZ router and I use estlcam. There is almost no learning curve it’s simple and has all the features you would need for 2D routing. It can also do 3D routing if you’re using an STL file. I use Mach4 for router control.

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