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Hello, I am a teacher at a vocational school in Spokane, WA and we are acquiring a laser cutter with Lightburn for my class. My district needs the following questions answered to vet the software for student use prior to our purchase.

  1. Does using this product require students to have a separate account to use?

  2. Is web accessibility actively being evaluated in your organization? Please explain briefly.

  3. Do you have a plan for non-supported elements? Please explain briefly.

  4. Has a third-party conducted an accessibility audit of your product? Please explain briefly.

Also, we will be using it on 8 Windows PCs with individual logins, would we need the floating licenses?


Ed Sponenburg
Aviation Science and Drone Manufacturing Instructor
NEWTech Skill Center
Spokane WA

I would think you should ship this to

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No - LightBurn is a desktop application, not a web app. Completely different architecture.

I have no idea what “non-supported elements” means - you’ve offered no context here.


Thanks for your quick response. Sorry about the some of the vague questions, I am new to the process and that was the information I was given.

Can you advise me on whether or not I should get the floating or standard license? The software will be installed on classroom Windows PCs that the students access with individual login credentials. I would prefer the licenses be associated to a PC and not a user.

Thank you again.

Standard licenses are “computer locked” - meaning they’re associated with a specific PC, and the software can be told to authorize any user on that PC who logs in.

Floating licenses are not attached to a particular machine - you have a set maximum number of allowed users (based on how many seats you purchase) and you can install the software on as many computers as you like, but only (x) number of users can run it at any given time, where (x) is your seat count. If your PC’s are re-imaged somewhat often this is easier to manage, though it requires access to our license server through whatever firewall or network restrictions you might have.

Floating licenses have a minimum of 10 seats. If you had 30 computers, but only 15 users would ever be running the software at a given time, you’d purchase a 15 seat floating license (maybe add a couple, just to give you a little wiggle room).

Does that all make sense?


Yes it does, thanks for the explanation. Sounds like I want the standard license.

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