Lightburn for Epilog


Any updates on Lightburn working with an Epilog laser? Epilog doesn’t have drivers for MacOS(!!) and I can’t install it on a Windows 11 ARM running via Parallels.

Sorry for repeating the same question, i know it has been asked before and the team said it is something they consider doing.

Thanks, have a great day!

This isn’t the question you asked but I did see that Epilog has a new Mac driver for their Fusion line. Maybe this could work for you?
Epilog Mac Driver Demonstration Video (

Might be useful while LightBurn doesn’t support Epilog.

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How do you get files to your Epilog if you don’t have a PC? The newer Epilogs with Dashboard software can be printed to using the newer Lightburn print function. It works under a PC. I documented the process here: