Lightburn for Galvo disconnecting intermittently

Hi, I am having an issue with my fiber laser disconnecting from Lightburn sometimes. Usually immediately after I turn on Lightburn and plug in the laser it will say in the status area “framing,” then “connected,” but when I hit frame it will again say “framing” and the red light will begin to show but after a few seconds the red light will shut off and the status will switch between “framing” and “disconnected” repeatedly. A couple times I have also had the laser disconnect mid-job as well. It does not do this every time but is frequent enough to be a major annoyance. I believe my machine has an EZ cad Lite board. Any ideas what may be going on, or possible fixes?

Try a new cord first.

I am having the same problem. Everything works fine in ezcad (for 2 years now). I wanted to try LB. I switched drivers, I also tested all 4 types of fiber types available (RAYCUS,JPT,IPG_YLP,IPG_ILPM). But it keeps doing exactly same thing as yours. I have 60W JPT.
I have to say, that when LB finds the laser it says JCZFiber (unknown)…

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