Lightburn for Galvo - EXCAD2/3 and MOPA "Q" Control

We are are looking at downgrading our EZCAD3 laser to EZCAD2 to use lightburn. Few questions:

  • “When will Lightburn support EZCAD3 lasers?”
  • What capabilities will we LOSE in doing this? (“Z-Axis control”? 3d? Auto Focus, and most importantly:
  • “Q” or Pulse width (ns) - will Lightburn still allow adjustment of this for our MOPA??

I believe that I’ve seen Oz say that development on supporting the EZCad 3 boards hasn’t even been started yet. LightBurn will never give any definitive timelines for release of anything either.

I know you’ll lose the 3D capabilities by dropping down to a EZCad 2 board, as the EZCad 2 boards do not support that

Q-Pulse Width is supported for MOPA lasers on the EZCad 2 board with LightBurn though. Here is a layer from my MOPA machine:


my q-pulse setting is gone ,my laser is for the most part working fine but my q- setting is just gone HELP