Lightburn for Galvo - EzCAD3 and MOPA “Q” Control

Any word or update as to when Lightburn may support ExCAD3 lasers??

We are working on the details of the communication protocol for EZCad3 boards, but I can’t say when that will turn into actual support - it’s slow going, and BJJCZ has no interest in helping us.

As for “MOPA Q control”, we already have that for EZCad2 boards, or did you mean specifically for EZCad3? (it’s a strange thing to include - we’d just consider that part of supporting EZCad3)


I am honestly not sure. All I know is that our laser runs with EZCad3 - so I’m assuming it wouldn’t work with Lightburn?

Not at present, no. Like I said, we’re working on it, but it can take a significant amount of time to add support for a new piece of hardware, especially when the company who makes the hardware intentionally does things to prevent it.

Would REALLY REALLY love support for EZcad3!!