Lightburn for Snapmaker 2.0 laser unit?

We have a new Snapmaker 2.0-350. At this time we are working with the laser head.

Will Lightburn work with this unit? Which Lightburn version should be used?

If Lightburn can be used, what problems have been encountered?

Sorry to have missed this. LightBurn has been working to fully support the SnapMaker laser unit, and that work continues. You can use the search found at the top-right of every page here to see what our community has been experiencing. You should see a bunch of posts on the topic for review.

We suggest you try LightBurn with your exact setup prior to purchase.

Here is our 30-Day free trial:

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Hi, I also have a snapmaker 2, but I don’t know what type of license I should purchase, either Gcode or DSP License… hope you guys can advice, thanks.